The latest bizarre crime story to come out of China is the terrifying and sad case of a woman whose child was abducted, seemingly right out of her belly.

On June 26 in Fuhang City in China’s Anhui province, a 24-year-old woman visited her local hospital for a check-up after passing her due date by 10 days.

After leaving the examination room, she suddenly felt dizzy, and passed out. When her family hadn’t heard from her by the afternoon they started to worry. As they started looking for her, they received a mail from an unknown person saying simply, “The girl is fine, the child has been taken”. The family immediately reported it to the police.

Late the same night the girl was found, but her belly was already empty, and the newborn baby nowhere to be found. No details of what happened between the woman passing out and her being found are yet known.

The story has been picked up by the media, and police are taking it very seriously, putting all their efforts into the search for the missing baby.

This is a very scary, incredibly strange story, and we’re hoping for further both news of an explanation, and a happy ending for mother and baby.

Source: Yahoo! Japan
Image: Wikimedia Commons