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While looks may not kill, a woman in Dalian City, China found out last month that some guy’s ugly mug can scare you enough to make you to lose your balance and break four teeth. Although the beauty-deficient man said he was merely asking directions, the woman was apparently so frightened by his visage that after falling off her bike and hurting herself, she rushed to the police where she pressed charges.

According to Chinese media reports, the supposedly timid night shift worker was heading home early in the morning on October 29 after finishing up at her job. She was riding her bike alongside a neighbor when she encountered the beast who was getting out of his truck.

We can only imagine what the woman saw, but the man’s “hideous” face allegedly scared her so much that she lost control of her bicycle and crashed, hitting the pavement and breaking four teeth. The woman’s bike companion was not hurt. After gaining composure, a fight broke out between the woman and the man with the unfortunate face. Cops rushed to the scene and the woman decided to press charges.

The man said that he was simply trying to ask the woman for directions when he startled her. To be fair, getting out of a truck in the dark at 5:00 AM in the middle of the road to ask a woman on her bike for directions does sound a little like an opening scene from a slasher film. And the man’s unsightliness probably did not help much to calm her fears.

In the end, the man ended up paying the women 500 yuan (US$82) to settle the case. We here at RocketNews24 know that it is tough to live life with looks that even Photoshop cannot cure, and being fined 500 yuan for ugliness probably did not help the man’s confidence. How would you react in this situation as the ugly man or the timid woman? Did the woman overreact or should the man have bagged his ugly mug before lunging at her?

Source: NicoNico News
Image: Wikipedia