McDonald’s Japan last weekend introduced the first in its limited-time lineup of luxury quarter pounders with the 1,000 yen (US$10) “Black Diamond,” which features truffle shavings and thick-cut bacon.

Some McDonald’s locations, apparently unconvinced their usual clientele would spring for the exorbitantly-priced burger, decided to go above and beyond by offering a special seat for anyone who ordered the menu item.

Surely the aim was to give the impression that you could truly eat like a king – or at least a President. By ordering the deluxe burger at this particular restaurant we think you’d probably feel more like Mayor McCheese than King Ronald, though. Check out the special seating arrangement for Black Diamond customers.

Judging by this photo, the pint-sized chairs and table seem to have been pulled from nearby the Playland ball pit, then gussied up with some leftover tinsel and a white table cloth that is sure to be sporting truffle sauce stains by now.

We’d love to go back and try the Black Diamond again, but if this is our choice of seating, we’d prefer to indulge by the dumpsters out back.

Source: Byoukan Sunday