Japan’s version of the widely popular online video streaming site, Hulu, has just announced that starting this summer they will be making themselves available on the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. Not long ago, Nintendo announced its intention to branch out and turn their 3DS systems into an eBook reader. Now, they are expanding into the streaming video market as well, by pursuing a kid-friendly collaboration with Hulu Japan. The app’s release is scheduled for mid-August.

This will be Hulu’s first time appearing on a portable game system. Late last year, Hulu released an app for Nintendo’s newest home gaming console, the Wii U. Being able to access Hulu using the system’s portable GamePad–a controller with tablet-like properties–proved to be quite popular with consumers, inspiring the company to test the portable game console market. The Nintendo 3DS system is already a widely used system, so Hulu has high hopes for the app’s success.

Once released, Hulu’s software will be available for download via Nintendo’s eShop on the 3DS system. The upper screen will display videos while the lower screen acts as a control panel. Controls will be possible using either the directional pad and buttons or the system’s touch screen.

Hulu’s videos will be organized into the expected categories: “Trending now,” “Popular episodes,” “Recently added,” and “Recommended for you.” Clips will also be searchable by keyword, making it easy for users to find exactly what it is they want to watch. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the 3DS system, HD videos will not be available, only standard screen resolutions.


In order to make Hulu’s service safe for the large number of children using 3DS systems, a kids lock function will be available. When in place, children will not be able to view anything outside of the children’s video category without first entering a password. This should prevent kids from being exposed to violent or mature content while exploring Hulu on their own.

The biggest drawback for new users hoping to use Hulu on the DS is that registration will not be possible using Nintendo’s portable console. If one wishes to sign up with Hulu, they must do so using a computer or smart phone’s web browser. Nonetheless, Hulu hopes to specifically target new users using the 3DS with one very special promotion. Rather than ending Hulu’s free trial period after the standard two weeks, DS users will be able to use Hulu free of charge for an entire month before having to pay for the service!

Up until now Hulu and all of its outlets have undergone development in America before being brought over to Japan. This will be the first time that Japan gets first dibs on a new device. At the beginning, only Japanese 3DS systems will have access to Hulu’s new app, but we are hopeful that this functionality will extend to other regions in the coming months. We already know to expect Hulu on next generation gaming consoles like the Play Station 4 and Xbox One. Perhaps portable gaming systems will become the company’s newest frontier.

Source: AV Watch