Why isn’t Nintendo marketing its new system like this?

The most distinctive aspect of Nintendo’s Switch, by far, is how it straddles the line between a home video game console and a portable, handheld system. But while that hybrid nature has the potential to offer unprecedented flexibility, it can also be a double-edged sword.

For example, the fact that the Switch wasn’t designed exclusively as a portable seems to have resulted in some of its non-computing parts being a little below what some people had hoped for in the ergonomics department. We’ve already seen Japanese gamers find a stylish and affordable workaround for the less-than-optimal kickstand, and now Twitter user @NStyles has come up with another solution to a problem inherent to the Switch’s design.

When most people think of the primary benefit of a handheld system, the first thing that comes to mind is being able to play games on the go, on a bus, train, or airplane. But there’s another thing that’s great about handhelds, which is that you can play them while lazily lying down on a sofa or in bed. Unfortunately, the switch is quite a bit bulkier than, say, a 3DS or Playstation Vita, which led @NStyles to put together this setup.

By placing the Switch screen into a tablet holder anchored behind his head, then twisting the arm into the proper position, @NStyles is freed from having to hold the main unit, plus liberated from the fear of dropping his brand-new Nintendo system on his nose. And while he’s holding the Joy-Con controllers up in the air, he’s only doing that so they’ll be in-frame for the photo. “Usually, I hold them in a more comfortable position,” he says, ostensibly resting them on his stomach or thighs as he plays.

“Using a tablet arm with the Switch will make you totally dame (“worthless”)” @NStyles remarks, using the phrase Japanese Internet users have adopted for the ultimate in lazy relaxation. But while @NStyles may not be feeling very productive once he nestles into his gaming space, we have to say he did us all a worthwhile service by sharing his idea.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@NStyles

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