There are few things in life more competitive than Super Smash Brothers (and, like, hot dog eating contests with hamsters). So, even though you can now Smash Brothers on the go with the new 3DS version, truly competitive players don’t want to settle for the 3DS’s inferior, cramped D-pad and button layout.

A clever Japanese Twitter user recently openly dreamed of a better way to Smash Brothers on his 3DS by connecting an old-school Gamecube controller to the portable handheld and, shockingly, another even more genius Twitter user responded with a real-life prototype he made with plentiful engineering skills, his own two hands, and what appears to be a bunch of fresh spaghetti.


The obviously amazing Midoriryu4775 even went so far as to upload a YouTube video of the controller setup in action, although he admits he’s not very good at Smash Brothers. Also, looking at those wires makes us hungry.

There’s quite a bit of scotch tape and a hilarious amount of small wires of unknown function involved in this DIY controller setup, which is honestly how most DIY projects should be, but it’s clear it all functions properly. Midoriryu4775 – who appears to be a college student – says the project took him around 26 hours to complete, which is around the same amount of time we spent studying for exams in college, total.


Midoriryu may not have aced any exams to show for his work, but we’re hoping he at least logs a sick Smash Brothers score with his ridiculously advantageous Gamecube controller setup.

Source: My Game News Flash
Photos: Uzattaihito, Midoriryu4775