How one prefers their fried eggs cooked is about as divisive an issue as whether Batman or Wolverine would win in a fight. Many a surprise anniversary breakfast in bed has no doubt ended in bitter tears due to fried eggs being prepared in the incorrect way.

But you can avoid this unnecessary situation and show solidarity with fellow runny egg lovers with this new “egg in a basket” iPhone 5 case. Just snap your iPhone inside and share the other half with your runny egg soul mate; then, by clicking the two halves together as a secret greeting, you can baffle and enrage all those cretinous fully cooked yolk lovers at the diner.


The two halves are sold separately for the admittedly steep price of 3,990 yen (US$40), but the disturbingly realistic, lightly browned toast and cooked-to-perfection runny egg almost certainly require the type of food sample artisanship only a few on this planet are born with.

Also, it would be criminal not to mention that the online retailer offering this item goes by the genius name, OH! HameeTV!. That name alone makes us want to spontaneously pitch all of our money at our computer screens.





Source: ITMedia
Images via: Rakuten