Katsudon for breakfast…katsudonFOR BREAKFAST!

When’s the best time to eat katsudon, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet? Some might say lunch, so that the influx of meaty protein and deliciousness-derived dopamine can power you through the afternoon. Others would argue that dinnertime is katsudon time, so that you can make it an indulgent reward for all the hard work you did that day.

But what if, just hear us out, you had katsudon for breakfast? Maybe it’d look something like this.

Since we’re more in the business of covering real, as opposed to hypothetical, food here at SoraNews24, that’s a photo of an actual menu item you’ll soon be able to order at branches of katsudon specialty restaurant chain Katsuya. While Japan loves puns, Katsuya is playing it straight with this multi-craving collection of ingredients, which it calls the Bacon Egg Sauce Katsudon.

It starts off as a normal katsudon, with the cutlet seasoned with the traditional sauce that mixes sweet and tangy notes. Then Katsuya adds a few slabs of bacon before crowning it all with a fried egg.

▼ Egg is a standard katsudon ingredient, but it’s usually scrambled like this, as opposed to the fried egg used in the Bacon Egg Sauce Katsudon.

We should note that the Bacon Egg Sauce Katsudon isn’t being pitched exclusively as a breakfast item, and Katsuya will be serving it all day long. Much like in the west, though, bacon and eggs are very much seen as a breakfast food in Japan. Even Katsuya itself describes its new offering as “like a breakfast,” and with most branches opening at 10 or 11 in the morning, and some as early as 7:30, it seems like a given that they’re expecting some customers to choose to start their day the Bacon and Egg Sauce Katsudon way.

However, if the idea of putting bacon and eggs in a pork cutlet bowl clashes with your gastronomic sensibilities, but your brain is still saying “Dude, bacon, eggs, and katsu…how can you say no to any of those?”, you’ll be happy to know that you can also opt for a Bacon and Egg Sauce Katsu Teishoku set meal, which is basically the same as the Bacon and Egg Sauce Katsudon but with the rice in its own bowl, plus a side of miso soup for even more edible East/West fusion.

▼ The Bacon and Egg Sauce Katsudon is 690 yen (US$5), and the Teishoku 790 yen.

And just like the Bacon and Egg Sauce Katsudon and Teishoku aren’t bound by conventional culinary wisdom, neither are they confined to eat-in dining, as they’re both available for take-out as well. However, to-go-orders have their fried eggs swapped for soft-boiled onsen tamago-style eggs instead. It’s not exactly clear why, but Katsuya says this allows you to enjoy the Bacon and Egg Sauce Katsu in two different ways.

The Bacon and Egg Sauce Katsudon and Teishoku go on sale July 22, and will be available for a limited time.

Source, images: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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