tsunami title

More than two years after the powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami ravaged Northeast Japan, footage taken by those who were in some of the worst hit areas at the time is still appearing online. Currently receiving a lot of attention here in Japan is a video taken at a seaside location – which some believe to be either Kesennuma or Rikuzentakata, the home of the miracle pine memorial – showing the entire town disappear beneath the black water in a matter of minutes.

Although there are no scenes of abject peril, some readers may nevertheless find the following footage disturbing.

Recorded slightly further inland than many of the videos seen to date, this footage shows the destructive power of the March 11 tsunami that claimed so many lives. Beginning as little more than a slow tide of dark water, within less than 10 minutes the town is barely recognisable, with boats, cars and even entire houses being dragged along in the wreckage before an enormous plume of black smoke appears on the horizon. Sobering images indeed.

Source: YouTube via The Voice of Russia (Japanese)