open sole

It is a problem that faces most of us at some point or another. Whether it be a get together at a friend’s house or a social gathering where you take off your shoes, having someone point out to you that there’s a gaping hole in one of your socks can be a little embarrassing. While for many in the West it isn’t that often you have to remove your shoes in public, in Japan many restaurants require you to get down to your socks before entering the premises. Therefore, it is much more difficult to disguise the problem if you’re living in the land of the rising sun. Well that was up until now: some clever fellas at a Japanese company named “Naigai” have come up with an ingenious invention for men that could put an end to the problem for good.

The product is called “N-platz” and while on first impression you could mistake the product for a pair of socks ready to hit the garbage bin (there’s a hole purposefully placed in the sole area of the sock), what is ingenious about the design is the scientific theory behind it. It has been calculated that by opening a hole in the sole region of the sock’s material, the strain placed on the heel and tip of the sock, which causes ripping in the material, sees a significant reduction. As a result, energy is dispersed evenly into the surrounding areas preventing holes from forming. That isn’t all. The open hole design also has the added advantage of cooling the foot.


This latest sock has origins in a product that was originally marketed for women to make it easier to wear “pump” style shoes. However, to bring the sock in line with men’s fashion and practical needs, the N-platz for men boasts a much smaller heel area, giving the sock a barefoot-like appearance when worn with a pair of shoes. The unique design of the sock also makes putting on and removing shoes much easier.

We here at RocketNews24 can’t deny that this looks like it could be a lifesaver for many men who are plagued by holes in the tip and heel of their socks. For anyone who would like to put those hole nightmares behind them for good and is in, or planning on coming to, Japan, this product really does look rather promising!

Source: Web R25