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We don’t know about you, but while driving around mountainside roads, we always ignore those “danger falling rocks” signs with their comical little circles sliding down a triangle. Sure, those signs are there for a reason, but we’ve never actually seen a “falling rock”…that is until now.

A recent video taken in Taiwan shows a massive boulder rolling down a mountainside and nearly flattening a car and his presumably screaming driver. Thank goodness for onboard cameras because if the vehicle in front hadn’t been equipped with one, the world would never witness this extremely close call.

It all starts out with a very rainy day in Badouzhi, Taiwan. From the dashboard cam, you can see the car’s windshield wipers repeatedly passing in and out of range of the camera and the white car ahead winding through the flooded streets. The roads seem a bit treacherous but nothing too dangerous. That is until the white car passes the McDonald’s.

▼ He should have stopped for some fries…

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Suddenly, mud and debris fly from the side of the mountain. The driver has a fraction of a second to try and swerve to avoid the onslaught, but it’s not enough. The mud collides with the white car with enough force to push it into the next lane.

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The white car disappears for a heart-stopping second.

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The dirt begins to settle and everyone seems to be okay.

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That is until a boulder at least five times larger than the white car comes rumbling down the mountain and onto the road, landing inches away from the terrified passengers.

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The boulder then decides it’s done enough damage for one day and kindly rolls back the way it came, finally resting near (not on top of) the white car.

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Phew! That was a close one. Take a look at the terrifying footage here:

Now watch the video again. If you look closely, you can see the boulder break off the top of the mountain at 0:03:

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So be careful the next time you’re driving next to a mountain in the rain, especially if you see any of those “danger falling rocks” signs. You might not be so lucky.
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