Every country has their fair share of crazy fans dressed in garb ranging from carrot headdresses to scarves with the power of 1000% elephants, but the Japanese supporters are by far our all-around favorite. During their first match against Côte d’Ivoire last Saturday, they showed up with plenty of white paint on their faces and bowling pins on their heads. With Japan’s second match currently underway, we couldn’t help but notice a strange new addition to the cheer gear of Samurai Blue supporters; an item we’ve all seen before being used for its intended purpose.

We doubt you forgot about the costumes Japanese fans were wearing last Saturday, but just in case…

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.56.53 AMYouTube

But despite the attention they’ve received due to their choice in attire, Samurai Blue supporters in Brazil are perhaps best known for their actions after the game. Despite a disappointing loss on Saturday, Japanese fans were spotted cleaning up after themselves before going home, shoving any refuse in blue garbage bags they thought ahead to bring along. Although they received a small amount of criticism, their impeccable manners were applauded by news sources the world over.

And now, at today’s match against Greece, those same fans are waving around blue garbage bags as they cheer on their boys in blue.


We can’t help but think this might be a small nod to all the press they received just a few days earlier.


Whether intentional or not (who knows, fans may have simply brought along too many trash bags and not enough pom-poms), we can’t get enough of Japan’s soccer fans and their wild costumes, enthusiastic cheering, and astoundingly courteous post-game actions.