Cute ducklings cross busy Tokyo street with the help of a good samaritan 【Video】

The care and patience given to the little duck family in the middle of downtown Tokyo is warming hearts around the country.

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Hokkaido park’s “sakura on the ground” are a breathtaking reason to venture beyond Sapporo

The often-overlooked Doto region of Japan’s northern island is off the beaten path, but should be on your itinerary.

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Breathtakingly beautiful beach in often-overlooked part of Japan is like a scene out of Your Name

Chichibugahama Beach looks like a Makoto Shinkai anime come to life, and is well worth a detour off the beaten travel path.
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Japanese Twitter user posts beautiful photos of what may be Japan’s most picturesque shrine

Gorgeous photos show an otherworldly shrine hidden away in the heart of Kyushu.

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The brilliant blue flowers of Hitachi Seaside Park: Your next flower viewing stop in Japan【Pics】

With sakura season done in the Tokyo area, it’s time to switch from pink to blue and the 4.5 million Nemophila flowers of this amazing park.

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“People who break sakura branches are idiots” – Twitter outcry over cherry blossom accessories

Japanese proverb sternly reminds social media users about an often forgotten way in which cherry blossom trees are extremely delicate.

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Love great anime and the great outdoors? Then you need an anime girl ita-tent

Tokyo college kid is ahead of the merchandising curve as he goes beyond itasha to show his love for this season’s hit camping anime.

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Revised full-bloom cherry blossom forecasts released for every prefecture in Japan

Sakura season is coming to Japan much earlier than usual this year, and here’s when to expect them to be their most beautiful.

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These stunningly beautiful seasonal pink flowers from Japan are NOT cherry blossoms【Photos】

Gorgeous photographs and video prove the sakura aren’t the only stars of Japanese flora.

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Japanese train station stirs up nostalgia with beautiful rural setting and one-carriage train

A stop-off here is like a scene from an anime movie.

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Japanese architecture firm unveils plans for world’s tallest wooden skyscraper in Japan

The new building is a feat of environmentally conscious engineering that will stand taller than Tokyo Tower.

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Experience the moment the local gods cross a frozen Lake Suwa【Video】

Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture is the scene of a curious natural phenomenon which results in ridges of ice erupting out of the frozen surface. Read More

Cherry blossom forecast 2018: Sakura expected to come to Tokyo earlier than usual this year!

Sakura speculation map and dates for each prefecture in Japan released by Japan Weather Association.

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Japanese museum dedicated to rocks with faces becomes popular with international visitors

Voldemort, Donald Trump, and Johnny Depp are just some of the famous faces you’ll find at this one-of-a-kind museum.

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Heavy snowfall in Tokyo turns the city’s borderline river into a breathtaking misty wonderland

Cinema fans might be reminded of a famous Ghibli anime and Godzilla film, but this is one time when real-life Japan is better than any movie magic.

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Japan’s beautiful “suicide forest” sees increase in sightseers as it tries to shake its dark image

Visitors are discovering that the “sea of trees” near Mt. Fuji is a wonderful place full of natural life.

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Kobe set to light up “World’s Number-One Christmas Tree” in all its confusing glory

It’s soon to be official, Kobe will win Christmas this year, and with it, all of Santa’s gold.

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7 reasons why you should visit Aomori Prefecture

There’s much more to the main island’s northernmost prefecture than just delicious apples.

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There is a little piece of heaven that only appears for up to an hour a day in Palau

The gorgeous Long Beach lets us in for a brief thirty minutes.

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Nude photos of Mt. Fuji circulate online as powerful typhoon removes snow from the peak【Photos】

Japan’s tallest mountain loses its icy top covering as storm blows through eastern Japan.

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