Japanese survey ranks Hokkaido as the most desirable prefecture to settle down in

It turns out that a lot of Japanese people can stand the cold, after all!

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Why stay at a hotel in Japan when you can rent this entire mountain instead?【Photos】

Yes, you get a cabin too, but the real appeal is having an entire mountain to yourself.

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Go on a whirlwind tour of all 47 prefectures in Japan with this gorgeous promo movie【Video】

Explore every corner of Japan through your screen.

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Enjoy sights and traditions of Japan’s heartland in new Gifu prefecture-focused feature【Video】

The mountains are calling and I must go watch them from the comfort of my couch

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Netizen visits grandparents’ house, finds undisturbed bamboo stalk growing in the kitchen【Pics】

It’s gonna take more than one call to insurance for this one. 
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Japan’s National Tourism Organization posts achingly gorgeous promo video: “hope lights the way”

Japan’s tourism board wants you to remember that though things are scary now, Japan will wait patiently until you can visit its scenic shores.
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Sacred 1,200-year-old tree toppled by severe storm at shrine in central Japan【Photos】

Shinmei Shrine’s sacred cedar saved the community twice, according to local legends.

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Japan’s beautiful new campground looks perfect for living out your Princess Mononoke fantasies

Uga Valley campground makes a very convincing argument to take a detour from the standard Tokyo-Kyoto travel route.

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Strange bird outside Shinjuku Station looks like a reincarnated salaryman

Endangered species decides to freak people out at the busiest train station in the world.

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Barricades placed on Mt. Fuji as mountain officially closes because of coronavirus【Video】

Surveillance camera, alarm installed to discourage the uninformed and unconcerned.

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Breathtaking real-world Secret of Mana Pure Lands found, then lost, in Japan【Photos】

Photographer was in the right place at the right time, because now he can’t go back.

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Sakura cherry blossoms float on breeze, land on Nara deer in perfect hanami video

Heavenly hanami landscape plays out like a scene from a Ghibli anime film. 

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Bear sightings skyrocket in Japanese town feuding with local hunting association

Alternate methods being employed as hunters hold out for higher pay.

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Large bat species discovered to be breeding in Japan for the first time

Wildlife photographer discovers Japan’s first-ever baby Alashanian pipistrelle while observing bats near a local school.

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Twitter shocked by photo seeming to show rose growing INSIDE tree in Japan (and the gross truth)

No, fairy magic is not the reason for this stunning phenomenon.

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New study shows wildlife thriving in areas evacuated after Fukushima nuclear meltdown【Video】

As we reach almost a decade since the tragic incident which displaced over 100,000 individuals, Mother Nature makes her comeback.

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Picking seaweed up off the beach and taking it home is illegal in most of Japan, and here’s why

What’s the harm in pinching a tiny bit of seaweed? Quite a lot, as our Japanese-language reporter learned.
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The top 10 hot springs Japanese travelers want to visit this fall

Nothing’s nicer on a cold autumn day than a hot outdoor bath while gazing at the changing leaves.

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Wild boars leap from river, run across rice fields like a scene from a Ghibli anime film【Video】

Unexpected post-typhoon scene in Japan is so beautiful it looks like something from a movie.

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Typhoon Hagibis turns skies in Japan purply pink, makes people fear the end is nigh

If this is the last day of the world, it sure looks beautiful.

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