Susuki: One of the most beautiful, and often overlooked, parts of autumn in Japan【Photos】

At the right time of year and the right time of day, this traditional sign of fall shines like a field of gold.

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This amazing photo of the Japan Alps only gets more beautiful the higher you look

Site of the Winter Olympics shows off multiple seasons’ splendor in one shot.

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Behold the cycle of life with new Japanese plushie sets depicting the food chain and more

Pair the talk of the birds and the bees with pregnant dolphin and manta ray plushies.

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Become a bear and ‘hibernate’ in the woods with this private hammock tent

Who says hammocks have to be restricted to summer time fun?

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When the pandemic is over…Beautiful photos of places Japan travelers want to visit after corona

Scenery worth waiting for.

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Totoro discovered in Japanese forest【Photos】

A hidden secret off the tourist trail is now attracting attention around the country.

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America gets a bad case of “crazy worms” from Japan

Ecosystems in America are going off the rails on a crazy worm.

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Japan has a “Totoro Tree” that looks just like the Studio Ghibli anime star【Photos】

Kosugi no Osugi isn’t just cute, it’s sacred too.

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Mt. Fuji gets its first snow of the season, almost a month earlier than it did last year【Photos】

Japan’s most beautiful mountain puts on its “snow makeup.”

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Japanese survey ranks Hokkaido as the most desirable prefecture to settle down in

It turns out that a lot of Japanese people can stand the cold, after all!

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Why stay at a hotel in Japan when you can rent this entire mountain instead?【Photos】

Yes, you get a cabin too, but the real appeal is having an entire mountain to yourself.

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Go on a whirlwind tour of all 47 prefectures in Japan with this gorgeous promo movie【Video】

Explore every corner of Japan through your screen.

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Enjoy sights and traditions of Japan’s heartland in new Gifu prefecture-focused feature【Video】

The mountains are calling and I must go watch them from the comfort of my couch

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Netizen visits grandparents’ house, finds undisturbed bamboo stalk growing in the kitchen【Pics】

It’s gonna take more than one call to insurance for this one. 
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Japan’s National Tourism Organization posts achingly gorgeous promo video: “hope lights the way”

Japan’s tourism board wants you to remember that though things are scary now, Japan will wait patiently until you can visit its scenic shores.
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Sacred 1,200-year-old tree toppled by severe storm at shrine in central Japan【Photos】

Shinmei Shrine’s sacred cedar saved the community twice, according to local legends.

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Japan’s beautiful new campground looks perfect for living out your Princess Mononoke fantasies

Uga Valley campground makes a very convincing argument to take a detour from the standard Tokyo-Kyoto travel route.

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Strange bird outside Shinjuku Station looks like a reincarnated salaryman

Endangered species decides to freak people out at the busiest train station in the world.

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Barricades placed on Mt. Fuji as mountain officially closes because of coronavirus【Video】

Surveillance camera, alarm installed to discourage the uninformed and unconcerned.

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Breathtaking real-world Secret of Mana Pure Lands found, then lost, in Japan【Photos】

Photographer was in the right place at the right time, because now he can’t go back.

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