There are a number of things you would never want to find hidden in amongst your parents belongings, but this one might just take the top spot.

A Twitter user uploaded this photo, probably looking for some comfort from the online world. When clearing out his mother’s books, the unfortunate offspring came across something that should probably have remained hidden from his eyes.


It looks innocent enough, but if you read Japanese you’ll understand the shock this would cause. This is the Japanese translation of the book When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us: Letting Go of Their Problems, Loving Them Anyway, and Getting on with Our Lives by American author Jane Adams.

“That’s not so bad,” those who were expecting some lurid sex manual might be thinking. But then you realize that someone found this on their own mother’s shelf, meaning that that “grown kid who disappoints us” is.. yep, you got it. Must feel like a bit of a slap in the face.


The user simply commented “I was really surprised lol”, but methinks there must be some bitterness behind that little laugh. At least their mother has been told to “love them anyway” – silver linings, right?

With 73 reviews on the page, there must be more than a few parents out there with this floating around in their house, so beware all you grown-ups who haven’t quite lived up to expectations! Do you have the confidence to look through your parents’ bookshelf?

Source: Togech
Image: Wikimedia CommonsTwitter, Barnes & Noble