Chinese society has been witnessing a lot changes with the nation’s rise in economic power, but from the looks of things they might just be on the cusp of a full blown sexual revolution with all the free love of the swingin’ sixties.

Over the past year there have been several incidents of public nudity around the country which some say is a form of groovy protest. We’re not sure this is the case for a couple spotted getting it on in the back seat of a taxi driving along a crowded Shanghai road.

Details are sketchy but according to witnesses posting online, the incident happened in the morning of 3 September. The couple was said to be young, frisky, and possibly trying to join the mile high club but failed to convert from the metric system properly. One witness claims that the woman in the cab appeared to be foreign.

According to the user who posted the pictures:

“At first I thought they were just flirting so I didn’t take any pictures, but afterwards they started getting quite bold. The driver’s face was white as a ghost. I imagine you could get a full view from a truck driving next to it.”

Others verified the scene, adding that the woman was first seen kissing the man vigorously. After that they got more aroused and half-naked. Finally, the woman was face-to-face with the man as if riding on top and began rocking up and down.

Surely now having heard the full description of events, this couple could only have been up to one thing: They forgot to do their morning P90X routines and were spotting each other on their way to work.

Source: Xinhua (Japanese)
Images: HBTV