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Sometimes it’s hard for people with perfect vision to sympathize with those who are in need of corrective lenses. Although you’ll never know what it’s like to have to put glasses on every day or stick your finger in your own eye, thanks to a Tweet that has recently gone viral in Japan, anyone with good vision can easily see what it looks like to live with poor eyesight.

The left side of the Coca Cola can is shown true to form, and is what a person with 1.0 eyesight (20/20 vision) would see (assuming you have perfect vision or are wearing your glasses right now). On the other hand, the very blurry right side is said to be what people with 0.01 eyesight see. It is the equivalent of 20/2000 on the American optemetric scale, categorized as “near-blindness.”

The photo was tweeted on September 7 and has been retweeted over 4,500 times, eventually spreading to popular Japanese textboard, 2channel. Those with 0.01 eyesight had mixed opinions; one commenter stated, “Yep, it’s just like that” while another said, “It doesn’t look like that!” One Tweeter must have exceptionally bad eyesight, commenting that when he looks at a Coke can “it looks a lot blurrier and redder.” Those with good eyesight were shocked by the photo, commenting, “How can people live like that?!” and “It must be so hard for people with poor eyesight.”

With so many differing opinions, it’s hard to know if the photo is accurate. What are your thoughts? For those of you with poor vision, does the right side of the photo look the same when you take off your glasses?

Source: NariNari