A hilarious mistake that may end up being a good advertisement after all.

You ever walk along the station and see all the ads lining the walls, and wonder, “How can I advertise my business/club/group here?” Well, apparently you can talk to station administrators, send them a picture of your ad, and they’ll post it up (for a fee, probably).

Just make sure you send the right file, unlike Twitter user and Waseda University student Daiki Okada (@OKD_OOPS), who accidentally sent his ID picture, which the station for some reason posted without question.

▼ “I tried to advertise my club at the station, but I accidentally sent them the wrong file to print, and my ID photo ended up posted on the wall.”

The photos show Okada’s stoic ID photo, looking dwarfed as it sits smack in the center of a plain, white board. The words on the top left corner, which were probably meant to be notes for the administrative staff, say in small, plain letters, “Member recruitment for Waseda University’s Tohoku Student Alumni Association”. In the bottom right corner is a phone number (hopefully of the association), along with the notice that the content is copyrighted by the Association. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t matter from how far away or how closely you look at it–the impact is still the same: hysterical.

Perhaps somebody thought it was a little odd that this was the chosen picture for the ad, and decided to include the extra information so that people would know what it was advertising. Regardless, however, it appears that, somehow, they didn’t think to verify with Okada if this was truly the graphic he’d wanted to print. What resulted was an absolutely hilarious mistake that drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of Japanese Twitter users.

“I went there on a school trip and saw it for myself. My friends and I were like, ‘What?!’ but now the mystery has been solved lol”
“I thought it was a wanted poster for a moment lol”
“I’m so sorry…I laughed so hard. This is so funny.”
“This is the hardest I’ve laughed in months.”
“Didn’t they confirm it with you? lol”
“This is probably better than an ordinary poster that we’re used to seeing!”
“I bet this is terrifying at night hahaha”
“This is…hahaha”
“It actually has a big impact, haha. It stands out.”

As many netizens have pointed out, though it was a laughable mistake, it turned out well for Okada and his Alumni Association, since the poster does indeed stand out in the station, and the basic information is there for interested parties. It also has the added bonus of going viral on Twitter, and with follow-up tweets giving more detail, plenty of people now know about the group!

Besides, for all of how funny, and embarrassing, it is to have your ID photo posted in a busy station in place of a real ad, it really could have been a much worse mistake, like the time a woman accidentally texted a business associate about her poop.

Source, featured: Twitter/@OKD_OOPS