It’s a well-known fact that cats think they’re cleverer than us. Even when it comes to playing one of our popular childhood games, hide-and-seek, cats think they’ve got us beat. This collection of hilarious photos shows that cats should really come down off their proverbial high horses and take a lesson or two from the human world because when it comes to hiding, these kitty cats really have no idea. Ten points for trying, especially with their creative and body-defying efforts, but no points for hiding because when it comes to hiding, peek-a-boo we see you!

The following photos show cats hiding in such strange positions it’s like a manual for how not to play hide-and-seek. With their superior attitudes though, we’re sure if cats were to write a 10-point guidebook for the game it would go something like this:

1. If you don’t have time to find a perfect hiding spot, just stop and freeze. Humans have such low IQ they will think you are a stuffed animal. Or a pair of furry bookends.



2. If you see a lace curtain, hide behind it. Humans will cower from the area in fear, plus the lace feels heavenly against your fur.


3. Make good use of dark corners. If you can appear to defy gravity, even better.


4. Camouflage yourself behind a packet of cat biscuits. Unlike humans, all felines have model-like beauty so nobody will tell the difference.


5. If your owner is on a diet, try hiding in the cookie tin. It may be weeks before anybody finds you.


6. Like cats, appliances also have bright, flashing eyes. Take advantage of this by hiding amongst white-goods.


7. It’s perfectly fine to cling to a wall and peek around the corner with crazy eyes. Humans have such poor eyesight they won’t notice.

8. If you find a paper bag lying around the house, immediately climb into it head-first. Humans tend to carry paper bags when they’re full so you might even get a lift to another area of the house.



9. Main rule of thumb: if you can’t see them, then they can’t see you.




10. The feline race has a long history of successfully hiding in boxes. Squeeze your body in. No box is ever too small.


Oh you crazy cats. Your hiding antics are one of the many reasons we love you!

Source: CuRazy