Whether it’s people worrying about the NSA stealing all the cookies from their cookie jars or a generous gent hiding his identity, it seems that privacy is all over the news these days. And while we could argue the merits and demerits of living in a surveillance society, we can probably all agree that there’s nothing more annoying than people looking at your phone screen over your shoulder!

Of course, privacy-protecting films for phones have been around almost as long as cell phones have, but this one takes your privacy to heart and makes sure no one sees your business…


Not even you!

As you might have guessed from how dark, brooding, and Batman-like that screen-protecting film is, it provides the ultimate in privacy. As the box says:

LCD Protective Film        Peeping prevention

No one can see anything from any direction, 360°!

Prevent curious peeping from up, down, left, or right, 360°!

Wait, what??? But then, how will I, the user, see who I’m texting? Or which pigs are left standing when I get done slicing up all my airplane fruit? They might need to take this product back to the lab…

Japanese commenters were as baffled as we were.

What the…is this a joke product?

Maybe it’s easy to take off and put on? Otherwise, it’s just a meaningless product… for 1,480 yen (about US$15).

Hahahaha! This is a joke!

If you’re that worried about someone peeping your screen, go use one of those Galapagos phones with a tiny screen instead of a smartphone.

I am Gundam.

I, too, am Gundam!

Uh, guys, they mean from any direction up, down, left, or right…like 360° around the perimeter. Not from above!

Ohh! Well, yeah, that would make sense, wouldn’t it? Guess they just need to have their marketing department work on their wording a bit more…

Source: Hachima Kikou