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In creating the monstrous villains smash-hit manga and anime Attack on Titan, author Hajime Isoyama said that one of the feelings he wanted to convey was the terror of facing an adversary you have no way of communicating with. He hit the mark perfectly, as the Titans’ inability to speak or even meaningfully change their expressions makes them uniquely unnerving foes.

But no matter how big a fan of the series you may be, we human beings, on the other hand, need to be able to talk to one another, which is where this awesome iPhone case, modeled after the swords wielded by Attack on Titans heroes, come into the picture.

The most iconic piece of technology in Attack on Titan is the human characters’ 3D maneuver gear which lets them fly around and reach the heights necessary to strike at the Titans weak spot at the base of their necks. Almost as recognizable, though, are the swords used to deliver the killing blow. Not only is the blade shaped like an exacto knife, it’s set into a pistol grip instead of a traditional hilt, allowing the wielder to fight and fire the grappling hooks of the maneuver gear simultaneously.

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Japanese model maker Sentinel, however, took a look at those grips and decided they could be used for a third function other than fight and flight: holding your iPhone. The company recently showed off a prototype for its Attack on Titan iPhone case.

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The case includes at least three points of movement, with the ability to squeeze the front-facing grip, hammer, and triggers. While it’s unclear what function, if any the first two have, pulling the trigger slides open the lens cover for the phone’s camera, as shown in this photograph tweeted by Hobby Search.

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The base of the case also includes a place to plug in your earphones, thereby imitating the cords that connect the swords and maneuver gear in the anime.

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Would-be Scout Corps members should take note of one important point, though: Sentinel’s packaging indicates that actual blades can’t be fit into the top of the unit, so should you actually run into any man-eating monsters while sporting your Attack on Titan case, your best chance for survival lies in using the phone it’s holding to call for help.

Source: Niconico News
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