The social problem of hikikomori continues to be widespread throughout Japan. For most it’s a developmental disorder either caused by mental or environmental factors that cause them to not want to leave the house. For just a few, however, I have to think this situation happened. Because I know for sure if I woke up to what this twitter user posted outside my window, I would never set foot outside again.

***WARNING: this picture may be unsettling to some***

Twitter user: “I slowly closed the curtain.”

This little slice of nightmare is brought to you by mother nature and her Japanese giant hornets (oosuzumebachi in Japanese). They can grow up to around 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) in length, and kill forty bees in a minute and forty people in a year due to anaphylaxis.

Net users came out offering their suggestions to deal with the menace:

“Just open the window a little. When they come into the gap, smash them. Repeat.”

“Open the window a little and spray them through the gap.”

“Hit the window steadily with BBs or something and they’ll go away.”

“Heat the glass from the inside with a hairdryer. They’ll hate it and go away?”

“Close the screen door from the outside and spray them.”

“Call the police?”

Of those, calling the police seems like the best option. But before that I’d probably give the nearest pest control a ring. Not that it matters in the end. Those hornets are probably squirting pheromones all over that window for others to come later.

Nope. The only rational choice is to pack up what matters most, start a fire, and run away. It’s their house now.

Source: Twitter via Itai News (Japanese)