Apple Store Line

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent diehard Apple fans from being the first to get their hands on the newest Apple product. One of our reporters has waited in line for eight days to get an Apple lucky bag. An iPhone 5 cosplayer waited in line for the first day release and didn’t even buy an iPhone 5. But the dedication of this next “Apple lover” is questionable. Instead of slumming it with the rest of the iPhone 5S hopefuls in front of the Ginza Apple store, this person decided to leave a note instead, hoping to save their spot in line without having to actually be in line.

When the first person in line at the very same store got there ten days early, sat through an entire night of rain, and made a special rig using a car battery to charge his laptop, this note leaver seems a little weak. Japanese netizens were not afraid to let us know how they feel about this line cheater.

Here is the card that has caused so much anger:

Apple Store Line2

“I’m in line >< in the 10th spot. Please keep my place! For various reasons I will be away from this spot and I won’t be here at night. Thank you.”

This person even had the audacity to preprint the date, but leave a spot where they could write in the exact time, ensuring that all the dedicated waiters knew exactly when that piece of cement was claimed. They also laminated the note, probably in anticipation of the rain that poured down on everyone actually in line.

The Internet went nuts:

Not going to be there at night? What an idiot!

I really want to tear off this sign when they aren’t there!

You can’t just keep your spot with a piece of paper but not be there at all!

Various reasons, not around at night? Just tell the truth and say you got sleepy and went home!

If you’re going to put down that piece of paper, you might as well pay a homeless person 100 bucks to stand in line for you. That’s supply and demand for ya.

If this were permitted, everyone would put down a note instead of standing in line for days.

Since they printed out the note, that means they always intended to not be around.

If there’s no one around that note, it’s simply a piece of garbage. Throw it away.

Just tear off the note. There isn’t even a chair set up so let’s kick them out of line. It’s just simple manners.

Please! Someone go down there right now and throw that sign away!

Let’s call the Apple Store or the police!

“I’m in line” <– No you are not!

Someone take a picture of this jerk for me.

When this idiot comes back, we should take a picture of his face and expose him on Twitter.

Whoa there. Everyone calm down now! We understand this is a serious offense, but the simple solution would be to just throw away the paper and pretend like it was never there to begin with. When the person comes back and their paper is nowhere to be found, surely they have absolutely no claim to a spot in line…unless they come back with another preprinted, laminated note for backup.

Source: Itai News