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KURE 5-56 is Japan’s version of WD-40. It’s hard to make a connection between a lubricating spray and Star Trek, but one Japanese company managed to do just that, incorporating clips from the newest movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, into a commercial. The company also gave rise to their own version of first officer, Mister Spock, and he’s…interesting.

First, a little background on the movie. In one of the very first scenes, Captain Kirk decides to hide the Enterprise at the bottom of the ocean. Scotty, the ship’s engineer, worries that the Enterprise will rust in the sea water. The maker of KURE 5-56, which acts as a lubricant and anti-rust spray, uses this dialogue to sell their product. The commercial starts out with Scotty freaking out about the possibility of rust (a scene that actually happened in the movie) and it’s from this point that the commercial takes a turn for the weird.

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Japanese Spock comes into the picture and tells Scotty, “You don’t know anything do you?” and proceeds to explain how KURE 5-56 helps stop rust. He then takes off his helmet, showing off his pointed Vulcan ears.

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Apparently they fold…

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Cut to a few more clips from the Star Trek movie and it’s back to Japanese Spock encouraging Captain Kirk to sit in his chair.

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The commercial is over in 31 seconds, but the maker of KURE 5-56 manages to pack in a lot of weird. Star Trek fans, take a look at the YouTube video at your own risk. You’ll come away with a chuckle or land up being disgusted at the strange Japanese version of Spock.

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