Japan is wild about dessert cafes and pastry shops. From donuts to pretzels to cakes, the nation’s sweet-tooth knows no bounds, and you’ll find baked sugary treats almost anywhere in the city. “So what makes this new store special?” you ask. Well, it’s not your typical sweet shop, but in fact an all-you-can-eat cookie buffet!

This Wednesday, a new location for the popular dessert chain Aunt Stella’s Cookies opened up in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. And Aunt Stella has cooked up a bunch of tasty specials to celebrate the move!

Located near the Yurakucho train line on the south side of Ikebukuro Station is the Esola shopping complex. As of September 25, it’s Aunt Stella’s new home and she’s brought quite a few housewarming gifts for the occasion!

The new shop’s full cookie menu includes 100 different varieties, 15 of which are available at any given time for sale in the store. To round out your cafe experience, the menu also has 14 types of beverages, including juice, coffee, and tea. For 473 yen (about US$5), you can order a standard set, which comes with your choice of drink plus two cookies of any kind. And now that September is coming to an end, a selection of fall treats including pumpkin, apple and chestnut flavored cookies have been added to their usual repertoire!


But let’s say you have a major craving for a taste of home and an afternoon to spare. Stella’s got you covered – for just 880 yen (a little less than US$9), you can spend 60 minutes eating as many sugary delights as you want from the buffet! The set comes with one drink of your choice and as many freshly baked cookies as you can pack into your stomach!


For those who don’t have time to stay and partake of the treats at the cafe, Aunt Stella’s also has plenty of take-out options, so you can get a box of cookies for your office, or surprise the kids when you get home from work. The Ikebukuro locale is also offering a special grab bag, the Otanoshimi Bukuro, while supplies last.

The store is open from 12:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., perfect hours for spoiling your lunch and dinner!

Source: Hachima Kikou
Additional source: Aunt Stella’s Cookies
Inset images: RocketNews24