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We fell in love with Sony’s new PlayStation Vita Slim the very first moment we got our sweaty little hands on a demo unit at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, but this new commercial, which features rocking gaming penguins of every colour the new device is available in, made us even more eager to buy one.

The Vita Slim, or rather PlayStation Vita 2000 to use its official name, is due to go on sale in Japan on October 10, and comes in a choice of six funky colours. There has been a surprising amount of fuss made about the fact that the new model ships with a standard LCD screen rather than the original Vita’s OLED, but with the new handheld being 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter, not to mention coming with a gigabyte of internal storage and a battery that lasts an hour longer than its predecessor’s, we find it hard to get too upset about the slight downgrade in visual quality. The new model feels great in the hands, and the number of little improvements Sony has made, such as going with larger, rounder “start” and “select” buttons this time, are also extremely welcome, making this a great time to get into the portable gaming scene if you haven’t already.

But enough of our nerdy rambling! There are cute penguins to be watched! Here’s the new Vita ad in full.

And for those of you who prefer things to stand still when you look at them, here are the best bits in image form!

▼ Can someone let us know when sky-blue penguins are invented? Want!

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▼ And the corresponding Vitas are pretty cute too.

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▼ Having held one we can confirm that this is, indeed, true!

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There is still no word on a US or European release for the sleek new handheld, sadly, so if you like the look of the Vita 2000 you’ll have to sit tight. But look on the bright side: you guys get the PlayStation 4 three whole months before us, so you’ll have plenty to amuse yourself with until the handheld inevitably arrives on your shores.

Source: Hachima Kikou (Japanese)
Video: YouTube playstationjp