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Is your PS Vita a little too pedestrian? Looking for something to brighten your portable PlayStation up? Well if you’re in Japan or happen to know a decent importer, you might want to grab the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation as the magazine comes with a free set of skins based on Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi’s Tenya Wanya Teens and Alphabet games.

The surprisingly sleek sticker skins come in two flavours: the pink-tastic Alphabet, and Tenya Wanya Teens black (which you can see over at Dengeki’s site, here). The former is designed to fit the new, slimmer PS Vita 2000 model, while the moody black version will fit over your classic, chunkier Vita.

Although these skins are currently Japan-only, gaming site Polygon reports that there is a small chance that the funky stickers will become available to buy in the West in the future, so keep your fingers crossed, PlayStation fans! As for those of you in Japan, the magazine is in shops right now, so get a wriggle on if you want to pretty up your Vita!

Source: Dengeki Online
Image via Dengeki on Twitter