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For many Westerners, particularly those from places like my own native UK, the thought of calling in emergency services to help with an infestation of bugs or rodents would seem quite absurd, but when faced with a nest of killer wasps that can grow to be up to two inches long, it’s not surprising that these country dwellers in China turned to the army.

Shared via YouTube, this clip from a Chinese news broadcast last year shows the country’s armed forces stepping in with none other than a giant flame thrower to take out a nest that had been built at the top of a tall tree, well out of reach of even the bravest armour-clad local.

“The wasp nest was quite big,” the unit’s commander told the news crew, “It would be difficult to remove, so after having a meeting to discuss the nest, it was decided that the best course of action would be to take it down with a flame thrower.” Well, to be fair, if we owned a flame thrower that could send bolts of pure fire metres into the air we’d probably decide that it was the best course of action for most situations too.

Here’s the original news report, complete with firey footage.

▼ We wouldn’t want to be the guy who has to support the barrel.

with fire 2

▼ Pfffwwaaaaaaa!

with fire 1

▼ “You certainly showed those wasps who’s boss. The angry little idiots.”

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Source: YouTube

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