mobile woodstove pizza

Food trucks are all the rage in the United States, but we doubt there’s one like this in any of the 50 states. We tracked down a mobile pizzeria in Nagano, Japan that has a wood-burning pizza oven. That’s right, an open-flame in the back of a van! We just had to try a pizza from such a bizarre place.

Santarosa is just a food truck offering up pizza napoletana at a reasonable price.

▼ Behold, a humble food woodstove pizza2

That is until you take a look inside.

mobile woodstove pizza7

  • The wood is actually on fire!

Somehow, the owner of Santarosa managed to stuff a wood-burning pizza stove into the back of the van. No, it’s not a fake, that’s an actual pizza stove with actual fire. The poor pizza chef is forced to work under cramped (and undoubtedly hot) conditions to churn out authentic wood fired pizza.

  • Ordering pizza margherita

Our reporter came across the Santarosa pizza truck at a festival in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture. After taking a look at the menu (and finding out that all of the small size pizzas were sold out), he settled for a medium size pizza margherita.

▼ Santarosa’s menumobile woodstove pizza3

▼ Cute little figurines on the woodstove pizza4

  • It’s authentic pizza!

Although our reporter was a bit skeptical about ordering pizza out of the back of a van, his fears were assuaged after his first bite. The dough was cooked to a perfect golden brown, but still maintained its fluffiness. The cheese was melted and melded with the basil on top. It was as if he ordered it at a fancy Italian restaurant. He couldn’t believe that such a delicious pizza came from a food truck.

mobile woodstove pizza8

mobile woodstove pizza9

▼ Look at that crust!mobile woodstove pizza10

▼ And wash it all down with a woodstove pizza11

So if you’re in the Nagano area, be sure to keep an eye out for Santarosa, the mobile pizzeria. Not only will you get a delicious pizza at a reasonable price, the sheer novelty of witnessing a wood-burning stove inside a car is enough to warrant a special visit.

▼ Santarosa’s schedule for woodstove pizza5

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