Tokyo Disney Resort is approaching its 30th anniversary, and it wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t have a whole slew of commemorative items in the works. Recently, they announced a partnership with Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller to produce a set of men’s and women’s watches for the occasion. And you can make one yours if you have 2.2 million yen (about US$22,000) to blow.

The watches, which will use the Franck Miller Cintrée Curvex model as a base, will feature the face of Mickey in the men’s version and Minnie in the women’s. The iconic mouse-ear icon will decorate the background on both and the women’s version will include some diamond accents around the face, bumping the price up to 2.4 million yen. On the reverse, each watch will have the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary logo and a serial number.

The watches are only available by advance purchase from Tokyo Disney, starting on January 14. More details about how to order are expected in mid-December. Collectors, better get your platinum cards ready…


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Source: My Navi News Images: Disney