collector’s item

For the not-so-low cost of US$1,300 you can own almost every Pretty Cure collector’s badge set

Emissary of Light, Cure… Badge!!!

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Japanese netizen posts mother’s 37-year-old ticket to Star Wars: “That’s worth a fortune!”

Is it a collector’s item or just a “collecting dust” item?

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Have ridiculously expensive tastes? Set your wallet on fire with these Andy Warhol candy tins

Sometimes Japan produces things that are totally worth the high asking price if you really want them: like the US$16,000 wood-carved dragon guitar, or the $1.4 million golden Godzilla. But then there are the things that make you laugh out loud when you see the price: like $18 per cup Geisha Starbucks coffee or $100 rainbow-colored tissues.

A set of 30 newly-released candy tins based on the artwork of Andy Warhol definitely falls into the “excuse me what?!” category. Sure they’re beautifully made and come inside lacquered medicine boxes, but you won’t believe how much they asking for them.

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Tokyo Disney Resort marks 30th anniversary with $22,000 Franck Muller watches 【Photos】

Tokyo Disney Resort is approaching its 30th anniversary, and it wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t have a whole slew of commemorative items in the works. Recently, they announced a partnership with Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller to produce a set of men’s and women’s watches for the occasion. And you can make one yours if you have 2.2 million yen (about US$22,000) to blow.

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