2013.11.16 fat vs. muscle secret

Look, we completely understand how quickly a diet can disappear when things like all-you-can-eat burgers exist in this world. And trying to implement the newest fad diet or tracking down black market diet pills seems to be a full time job for some of us. That is why here at RocketNews24, we have worked hard to find the most shocking, disgusting image that will make you immediately lose your taste for fast food, carbs, sugar, fat and anything else that tastes too good. 

You have probably heard that “muscle weighs more than fat.” While technically, a kilogram of fat weighs the exact same as a kilogram of muscle, the difference is in the density. Muscle is much denser than fat, meaning that fat takes up more space in your body. But it is hard to imagine exactly what that difference looks like. That is why Twitter user Yurarimama posted this picture to show what 2kg of muscle and 2kg of fat looks like. 

▼ Don’t panic, but that is in your body right now

2013.11.16 fat vs. muscle

Although we are not dietitians, nutritionists, doctors or anyone capable of giving professional medical advice, it is safe to say that the above image may help you when choosing between French fries or a kale quinoa salad.

After seeing this image, many Japanese netizens were horrified and vowed to eat better and exercise more. Here are some of their responses, including some who did not quite get the concept of muscle mass vs. fat mass:

I will start running tomorrow. Definitely, tomorrow.

This image is permanently burned into the back of my skull.

So that’s why I have a big gut…

Ummm…so having too much muscle makes you sink? lol

I guess that means that exercising a lot will make you fat?

And one user (who sounds too close to Hannibal Lector) just thought the image looked like two different cuts of raw tuna.

O-toro (fatty), chu-toro (medium fatty) and akami (lean) tuna

2013.11.16 fat vs. muscle ii

So did that picture of the difference between muscle and fat do the trick? Are you now sworn to a life of wheatgrass shots, vegan seitan jerky and chia seed sprouted wheat-less bread? Or did we completely blow it with that reference to tuna sashimi? Apologies to any who were disappointed, but hey, at least we did not suggest you try the infamous 1990s runway model diet of Diet Coke, cigarettes and a single Tic Tac.

Source: Byokan Sunday
Image: Twitter – @yurarimamaTsukushima