Impressive weight loss transforms this man’s body and mind, but it’s his new face that’s blowing everyone away. 

Unwanted weight gain can be a continuous struggle for many people throughout their lives, but the good news is it’s never too late to turn your life around and shed those extra pounds for good.

Here to show us how it’s done is Japanese YouTuber Ruibosu, who stands at 170 centimetres (five feet 6 inches) tall and once tipped the scales at 140 kilograms (308.6 pounds) at his heaviest point. He decided to record his weight loss journey in a series of videos over the space of one year, pledging to make this the “final diet” of his life when he began exercising and dieting in earnest last September.

It’s been nearly a year since Ruibosu uploaded that first video, and his weight loss since then has been truly remarkable. He’s now released a summary video which condenses his year of training into a little over three minutes, showing what it takes to go from 137 kilograms (302 pounds) and 42.9 percent body fat to 68.5 kilograms and 18.6 percent body fat.

▼ By the end of the video, Ruibosu has lost half his body weight and looks like an entirely different person.

Ruibosu admits he felt there wasn’t a lot he could do at first, but he did what he could in terms of exercise, which included jumprope, sit-ups, and planking.  After three months of training and watching his diet, his weight dropped from 137 kilograms to 108 kilograms (238 pounds).

Even on days of heavy rain, Ruibosu continued to work out on his rooftop, because of “the pledge he made to himself”. He incorporated variety into his workouts and lifted weights to develop his muscles, working within his abilities rather than overdoing it to avoid injury. He also took up kickboxing, and after months of sticking to his exercise and diet plan, he began to really notice the weight loss.

He continually met his target weight loss goal of five kilos every month and by month 11, the scales revealed he weighed 68.5 kilograms, exactly half the weight he was at the beginning of his weight loss journey.

While his body looks toned, his face looks remarkably different, and even Ruibosu comments on how slim his face looks compared to before.

People online have been applauding Ruibosu for sticking to his weight loss plan, leaving comments like:

“What an inspiration!”
“Who is this good-looking model??”
“It’s like his face has been swapped with a totally different person!”
“It’s not just his face and body that have changed, his mind and outlook on life has changed as well.”
“Losing this much weight is so much harder than it looks. His hard work and self-confidence to make it happen is truly remarkable!”

Losing 68.5 kilograms is certainly an admirable achievement, but Ruibosu is quick to point out that weight training and healthy eating is something he now needs to continue with for the rest of his life. He’s definitely up to the challenge, though, as he now livestreams videos of himself working out in the hopes that it will inspire others to join him and start transforming their lives as well.

To join Ruibosu in staying fit, be sure to check out his YouTube channel and Twitter account. And if you’d like to take a look at how our own reporters control their weight, you might want to check out Mr Sato’s results with pole-dancing and P.K Sanjun’s week without carbs. Or simply settle for this Japanese rice cooker that automatically cuts carbohydrates at the push of a button.

Source: YouTube/ ルイボスチャンネル via Hachima Kikou
Images: YouTube/ ルイボスチャンネル

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