Mege Potato McDonald'sEarlier this week, we reported on a rumor that suggested McDonald’s Japan would be bringing back the “Mega Potato,” which packs in double the French fries in one container…two large orders of fries in one container to be exact. Well folks, the Mega Potato is finally here (if “here” means Japan for you).

With 350g of fried potatoes shoved into one paper container, the Mega Potato is the king of the French fry world. The photo above includes a medium-size order of fries (lower right hand corner) that gives customers a comparative nibble of 143g of potatoes. The Mega Potato will be on sale at select stores starting May 17 and in all McDonald’s stores in Japan on May 24. Each Mega Potato order will be sold for 490 yen (US$4.82).

The Mega Potato is too much for one person to eat before the fries cool down and get soggy, so the larger size is advertised as “perfect for sharing.” Hmm…we know a few people who like to share the crispy, golden deliciousness of McDonald’s fries.

Potato Party

▲  Potato Party in Korea

Potato Party2

▲  at our very own RocketNews24 office

Potato Party3

 …and in Okayama, Japan. Potato Parties for the win!

And after they finish their monstrous order, there will now be less trash thanks to the larger container size. Now that’s eco-friendly.

Potato Party4


Source: Gadget Tsushin