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Back in 2011, news reports that Chinese-made “health supplements” contained ground-up corpses of babies and fetuses shocked the world. Unfortunately, this macabre story continues as some of the so-called “human flesh capsules” have made their way into South Korea again. Even though there has been a heavy crackdown on these kind of black market “medicine,” Korean authorities arrested two Chinese men last month for smuggling the gruesome pills and then reselling them as “diet supplements.”

False advertising

The Chinese men in their 20s were living on Jeju island and sold the black market capsules through the Internet in South Korea. The duo advertised the powdered flesh-containing capsules as a “diet supplement” and sold them to about 80 people. Korean authorities arrested the men on October 24.

“High-end diet supplement”

The two men would buy about 30 capsules from a Chinese seller for 20,000 won ($19US) and then sell them for 60,000 won, making a decent profit off the smuggled capsules. They sold over 6,000,000 won worth of the human flesh capsules to the mostly Korean customers before getting caught.

100 percent human DNA

According to laboratory analysis by Seoul’s National Forensic Services, the contents of the pills contained “100 percent human DNA.” We can only imagine the horrifying Soylent Green moment the scientists had in the lab. They also detected other banned substances, making these capsules potentially very dangerous.

Blindsided customers

The pills were originally bought in a Chinese shopping mall. Then were then smuggled into Korea by the two men, repackaged and then sold online. Since the repackaged box led the consumers to believe they were taking “diet supplements,” they had no idea they were unintentionally buying and consuming human flesh capsules.

High demand 

In this case, the customers had no idea what they were buying, but human flesh capsules have been flooding the black market in South Korea due to a seemingly high demand. Currently, it does not seem like demand for this grisly product has reached far beyond China and Korea. We hope the makers of this sick “medicine” have a change of heart and reconsider their lives. Also, let this be a reminder to read the labels on the products we consume, and perhaps be extra careful about buying any miracle weight-loss pill online.

▼ A close-up of the repackaged “diet supplements”

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▼ “Detox pills” and other smuggled supplements were found by the police

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▼ One of the two alleged smugglers being held by police

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▼ Police searching the alleged smugglers’ home for evidence

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