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With Sony’s PlayStation 4 set to launch in Europe in just over a week’s time, it’s not only everyday paupers who are itching to get their hands on the shiny new hunk of black plastic. Britain’s Prince William also reportedly can’t wait to grab one of those touchpad-toting controllers and start taking headshots online.

Apparently, the new father hinted that he hopes Santa will leave a PS4 under the Christmas tree this year, but he’s not sure whether his wife Kate will go for the idea.

According to reports in the British newspapers this week, the Prince calls himself “an enthusiastic but quite useless gamer,” but nevertheless took a shine to Sony’s new console after trying it for himself.

Being a prince, many might wonder why William doesn’t simply yell at a servant Game of Thrones style and have the console brought to him on a velvet cushion, but it turns out that the pressures of raising a child, not to mention having a wife who isn’t exactly a passionate gamer, make achieving his recent console dream a little tricky, with Britain’s Mirror Online quoting the Prince as saying, “I’d like to get one but I’m not sure how my wife would feel about it.”

But let’s be honest here, the guy’s a future king, so chances are high that he’ll be logging in to his PSN account (“RoyalTeaWillz” perhaps?) any day now and mashing buttons with the rest of us. Let’s just hope he doesn’t wind up with a defective unit–we’d hate to be the Sony rep summoned to the throne room to answer for that one!

So remember, the next time you’re gaming online and another player rams you off the road in Need for Speed or shoots you in the back of the head in Killzone and you scream obscenities into your microphone, you would do well to add “Your Royal Highness” to your insults; you might just be gaming with a real-life prince.

Source: Hachima Kikou (Japanese) The Telegraph
Top image: Freefever edited by RocketNews24