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Gamers in Japan who have yet to place an order but are hoping to pick up Sony’s newest console when it finally launches next February may well be disappointed come launch day. Amazon Japan is already reporting that it has sold out completely, and although it is hoping to guarantee more units soon might not be able to meet demand.

As with most new must-have items, numerous retailers offering the console at considerably inflated prices are already starting to appear online. Whether or not for its own gain, Amazon Japan has urged its customers via Twitter to be aware that those paying more than 40,000 yen (US$385) for a PlayStation 4 are being ripped off.

Despite there still being roughly two months to go until the new console is released in Japan, Amazon JP has been teasing gamers this week by sharing photos of vast storerooms filled with PlayStation 4s. Preorders for the console were reportedly filled within just 40 minutes of opening in Japan, but Amazon is still hyping up its launch like nobody’s business, and we can’t help feeling a little sorry for those who were unable to nab a unit for themselves when they see tweets like the one below.

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Shortly after this photo was shared, numerous shocked Twitter users replied, asking whether Amazon Japan already had the machines sitting in its warehouses. The online retailer quickly responded, saying that the photo was in fact taken in the US, adding that although the company had taken what it felt were adequate steps to prepare for demand, the console was already sold out.

The company also added that shoppers should be aware that machines offered online for vastly more than 40,000 yen are not being sold at retail price.

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Amazon’s page currently shows two listings for Sony’s newest console via third-party retailers – one bundled with Mark Cerny’s child-friendly platform beat-’em-up Knack, the other with the same game plus a PlayStation Eye camera. The consoles start at 67,800 yen (US$655) and 74,800 yen ($722), respectively – roughly $270-330 more than the console’s recommended retail price. Ker-ching indeed!

Source: Twitter Amazon JP