2013.11.25 mystery fish i

With all of the weird and horrifying animals that seem to be coming out of the ocean recently, we thought we had seen it all. But a Facebook user recently posted a picture of a fish that looks straight out of Silent Hill.

The mysterious sea creature was caught in the Arctic water of the northern territory of Nunavut in Canada. Are you ready to see a fish that could give you nightmares?

2013.11.25 mystery fish

Before you swear off swimming in the ocean, scientists say that this terrifying-looking fish, called the long-nosed chimaera, is usually hanging out around depths below 700 meters. There has only been one other documented case where the fish was caught, making this an incredibly rare catch for the surprised Canadian fisherman.

2013.11.25 mystery fish ii

The long-nosed chimaera, or Rhinochimaeridae, can be up to 140 cm long and is related to sharks and stingrays. The deep-sea fish has a poisonous spine in their dorsal fin, wing-like fins and its namesake long nose. Not a lot is known about this mysterious fish, but we of course wonder how it might taste.

After their initial shock, Japanese netizens were taken aback how much the fish looked like one of the fictional monsters in the movies.

Maybe it’s the larva form of Guiron.

It’s a young Knifehead from “Pacific Rim”!

This looks like some sort of monster that would show up in an RPG video game.

Take a look at some more pictures of the misunderstood long-nosed chimaera as well as a video of the deep-sea swimmer in motion using those wing-like fins!

2013.11.25 mystery fish iv

2013.11.25 mystery fish iii

Source/Images: Livedoor (karapia)
Video: YouTube (marumTV)