Aftermath of company drinking session proves no good deed goes unpunished.

In addition to impromptu after-work drinking sessions, Japanese companies occasionally have weekend social gatherings for employees, often in conjunction with a conference, business trip, or solidarity-building excursion. Such was the case for a 22-year-old woman living in the city of Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture, who was out with a group of coworkers last Sunday night.

However, the woman apparently focused a bit too much on the latter half of the “dinner and drinks” festivities, and became heavily intoxicated. One of her workplace superiors, a 36-year-old male manager, offered to drive her home, but even after arriving in the Hiraokacho neighborhood, where she lives, she hadn’t sobered up very much. Although she managed to step out of the car and onto the sidewalk, she was unable to move under her own power, and so the manager also exited the vehicle to provide assistance.

By this time it was roughly 11:10 p.m., so one wouldn’t expect a lot of other people to be out and about. However, there was one other man in the vicinity: the woman’s 22-year-old boyfriend, who saw the manager with his semi-conscious girlfriend and came to the immediate conclusion that he was forcefully taking advantage of her. Instead of asking the manager what was going on or otherwise confirming his theory, the boyfriend instead let his fists do the talking, punching the manager in the face repeatedly until he’d beaten the older man into unconsciousness (thankfully no one was carrying bladed gardening tools at the time).

The police were subsequently summoned, and the boyfriend was placed under arrest, admitting to the assault. The incident taking place on a Sunday means that the woman had to work the next day, and we imagine that the extreme awkwardness caused by the situation, coupled with a nasty hangover, made for an unpleasant day at the office for her.

Sources: Yahoo! Japan News/Kobe Shimbun Next via Otakomu, Sankei West
Top image: Pakutaso