Justice is served to liquored-up customer who got violent over not getting the service he wanted.

Tokyo’s Kitchen Dive is pretty much the perfect example of a crowd-pleasing business. The Tokyo bento shop is known for its massive portions, rock-bottom prices, and unpretentious palate-pleasing flavor.

And yet, even all that wasn’t enough to satisfy a late-night customer who came in during the pre-dawn hours on the morning of May 25. When he asked for his bento to be warmed up, the staff told him they couldn’t accommodate him, due to contact-limiting policies in place as coronavirus precautions. The man then flew into a rage, and in addition to insults like “You’re garbage. I make as much money in a month as you do in a year,” the staff had coins and bills flung at them, which is never a polite way to render payment.

Kitchen Dive posted its security camera footage of the incident, which went viral and was shown on multiple TV news programs in Japan. Shortly thereafter, the man who had thrown the money returned to Kitchen Dive with a gift and an apology, neither of which the management was in any mood to accept, instead telling the man to turn himself in to the police.

The man did so, and after a month of investigating, he’s now been placed under arrest, as Kitchen Dive reported in a tweet accompanied with, for some reason, a bunch of cute teddy bears.

“The drunken person who came into Kitchen Dive’s main Kamedo branch in the middle of the night and assaulted our staff has been arrested. We can’t say any more than that since the investigation is ongoing, but we wanted to inform everyone.”

Surprisingly, the man who threw the money works in the restaurant industry himself as an owner/manager. In a follow-up tweet, Kitchen Dive says that one of his employees anonymously contacted either the restaurant or the police to reveal his identity, leaving Kitchen Dive wondering how horrible a boss he must be to his own workers.

Online commenters were unanimously happy to see justice being served:

“Been waiting for this!”
“Congratulations on the criminal being arrested, and a thank-you to the police who carried it out.”
“A bento shop is a place to buy bento, not a place to go buck wild.”
“Can’t let shits like him get away with acting that way.”
“Throw the book at him!”

In the video of the incident, the person who threw the money was accompanied by one other man, who also tried to intimidate the staff as the pair challenged the workers to step outside for a fistfight. Due to the Japanese language not ordinarily differentiating between the words “person” and “people” it’s unclear from Kitchen Dive’s report whether one or both men have been arrested, but even if it’s just the one who actually threw the money, hopefully his companion will be better behaved from now on.

Source: Twitter/@divemamuru via Hachima Kiko
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