One of the pet peeves many housewives have is the accidental sprinkle when their husbands tinkle, which eventually leads to one of the things couples commonly argue over; putting the toilet seat up (or down). It seems it’s impossible for women to understand why men can’t keep their sprinkle within the bowl, and at the same time, men can’t seem to get why women get pissed over a tiny splash.

Some innovative housewives in Japan decided that the best way to solve this issue is to make the men go down on their knees when they use the potty.

The Japanese are known for their creative inventions, and Japanese housewives contribute to that reputation too. In Japan, handy idea products invented by housewives are commonly seen. Although they can’t rival the greater Japanese inventions dealing with advanced technology and rocket science, these idea products are popular among common folks as they are often designed to make daily tasks easier.

▼ Such as this Kangaroo Laundry Apron that makes sunning laundry more convenient.

▼ And these Diet Slippers that tone your legs while you’re doing chores by keeping you on the balls of your feet.

Back on topic! We were talking about toilet issues, remember? Also invented by Japanese housewives, the Angel’s Knee Pillow is here to solve your tinkle troubles!

天使のひざ枕 快適・らいふ研究所 飛び散りを防ぐトイレの新スタイル

▼ It’s designed to fit even into the tiny toilets of Japanese homes.
天使のひざ枕 快適・らいふ研究所 飛び散りを防ぐトイレの新スタイル(3)

Also known as a “toilet manner board”, the Angel’s Knee Pillow is basically a cushioned raised platform where men can rest their knees while they relieve themselves. This shortens the distance between their “peepee” and the toilet bowl, so as to reduce the chances of splashing due to a bad aim.

The product comes in two variations, the DX type which looks like two mini toilet bowls, and the Eco type which looks like a peanut-shaped flat stool.

▼ Angel’s Knee Pillow DX type – 5,800yen (US$56)
天使のひざ枕 快適・らいふ研究所 飛び散りを防ぐトイレの新スタイル(1)
▼ Angel’s Knee Pillow Eco type – 4,800yen (US$46)
天使のひざ枕 快適・らいふ研究所 飛び散りを防ぐトイレの新スタイル(2)

We’re not sure what Japanese men think about this innovation, but we’re pretty sure some Chinese men aren’t too pleased with it. When information about the Angel’s Knee Pillow was picked up by one of China’s news sites, mixed reactions were received from the local readers:

“How do you even use this?”
“I’m speechless…”
“I can’t believe you want a man to kneel down in order to pee.”
“Perhaps I’ll get this as a souvenir from Japan.”
“This is one invention you’ll have to kneel down to.”
“Japanese inventions never fail to surprise.”
“Japan is way too interesting.”
“Japanese… ROFL”
“Surprisingly, it interests me.”
“So the Japanese housewives invented a device to make men kneel.”
“I’d rather sit than use this!”

Well, it is indeed an innovative idea, but let’s be honest. If a man can’t be bothered to take aim or clean up in the case of an unexpected splash, what makes you think he’d be bothered to take out the “manner board”, kneel on it as he does his business, and then keep it away when he’s done? I don’t know about the men in your household, but I know for sure the men in my house would rather hold it in than use such a thing.

For those of you who were interested in getting one, unfortunately, the manufacturers have stopped producing the product due to manpower issues. We can already imagine some men rejoicing over that. But if you’re one of those who likes to craft your own furniture, the Eco version of the knee pillow doesn’t seem like an insurmountable challenge!

Source: Yukawanet
Images: Raffine Style, Rakuten, Angel’s Knee Pillow official website