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Think about how you slept last night. You probably rolled around a little, found a comfortable spot, adjusted a bit, then eventually slipped into sweet slumber in that position. If you’re like most people, every night you probably choose a similar sleeping position. And the position you choose can say a lot about your personality, your subconscious, and even your deep-seated fears.

We have a list of eight common sleeping positions along with the typical personality traits of each. Are the predictions spot-on for you, or were the psychologists sleeping on the job when they dreamed them up?

The Japanese compilation website Naver Matome recently released a collection of eight sleeping positions and the psychological characteristics of each. Now we’re here to report their findings to you, with our forced labor completely voluntary RocketNews24 staff member/sleep-model acting out each of the positions.

Position #1: Facing sideways curled up


If you sleep like this, then chances are you’re very aware and alert, but at the same time the child inside you fears beings alone. You want to be dependent on someone else, just like the sweet little fetus you’re curled up as.

Position #2: Facing sideways knees slightly bent


Chances are you sleep on your dominant side (ie: right-handed = right side) to feel balanced and secure. You’re probably a good team player, have plenty of common sense, and don’t easily get stressed in social situations. Basically, you’re the perfect sleeper. Congratulations!

Position #3: Face to the side lying down flat


You want control. If the only thing you can control is the pillow by squeezing it to death, you’re going for it. You tend to do things punctually and accurately, and go out of your way to avoid unpleasant situations.

Position #4: Lying face up


This position is common with children, celebrities, and others who like to attract attention. It’s perfect for sitting straight up right away when somebody calls your name or asks for an autograph. Chances are you tend to be assertive, frank, active, and perhaps a little self-centered.

Position #5: Covered as much as possible in blankets


You are very perceptive and cautious… which is hard to do when you can’t see anything with a blanket covering your eyes, but whatever. You also probably tend to worry about trivial things and have a lot of stress.

Position #6: Kneeling and bent over


This one is common in children and people who have trouble sleeping. Aside from being probably the most painful-looking sleeping position imaginable, it may also signal that you have difficulty getting everything that happened during the day out of your head, and you just want to get sleep over with so you can return to the waking world.

Position #7: Legs crossed


This position expresses high anxiety or stress. You may be having trouble at work, in relationships, or just really have to go to the bathroom and don’t want to get out of bed.

Position #8: Arms crossed over chest


The “tough guy” sleeping position. Chances are you’re going through a stressful experience, but you keep it all hidden away and don’t want to show anyone how you’re really feeling.

So what number are you? Personally I’m a #5. I can’t sleep unless I’m covered from head to toe in sweet, sweet blanket. I know it’s trivial but just the thought of having an inch uncovered stresses me out and… yeah, definitely a #5.

Let us know your number in the comments section, and tell us if it matches your personality!

Source: Naver Matome
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