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Japan’s Kanto region just can’t catch a break recently – first heavy snow brings the capital city to its knees (and this writer given the X of denial as he was told “Sorry, sir, the flight has already departed” after it took five hours to reach the airport in it), and now giant columns of water are spurting up out of the ground.

This little incident reportedly occurred on Tuesday this week in Kanagawa’s Yokohama City when an underground water pipe burst, sending water shooting 10 metres (33 feet) up into the air from an open manhole, and engineers were powerless to stop it.

▼ Steer well clear, motorists…

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Thankfully, the good men and women of Yokohama City were able to find the off valve eventually, but not before a long line of traffic crept by the suburban fountain and a handful of people took photos and video to document and share with us.

Source: Niconico News