Immobilize and eliminate even the mightiest of nose hairs.

Tokyo Otaku Mode has unveiled yet another of its Things You Probably Already Own But this One is a Replica from Your Favorite Anime projects, and it’s one that looks the part, honestly. They’ve created tweezers based on the Spear of Longinus from Evangelion, a vital and powerful weapon from the series.

The Tweezers of Longinus are handcrafted by expert wire cutters in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture. (Perhaps the same craftsmen that created these RPG sword tweezers?) They also come with a red acrylic stand so you can keep all of that Longinus power from running rampant in your drawers.

This must-have item for Evangelion fans comes in three types: stainless steel, titanium blue, and titanium red. The stainless steel type will run you 4,388 yen ($38.66), but the titanium types will cost you as much as 10,500 yen.

▼ “Do I really need a pair of tweezers that costs me over a couple of bucks?” you ask yourself.
Suddenly, A Cruel Angel’s Thesis starts playing on the radio and your heart is set.

Here’s the catch: the titanium blue and titanium red types are to be manufactured in limited quantities. There will be 300 of each type, to be exact. Here’s the other catch: as of July 11, both titanium types are already sold out.

▼ Maybe you can’t pierce the Earth’s atmosphere with stainless steel, but you can definitely use its power to make sure your eyebrows are on fleek.

If you pre-order the stainless steel type in July on Tokyo Otaku Mode’s website, you can expect to receive it this September or October. The tweezers can only be shipped within Japan, but if you’re dying to own a pair you can use a forwarding service like Tenso to get your hands on the exclusive product.

Will Evangelion fans stop at nothing until the Spear of Longinus becomes reality, like they tried to ensure in 2015? With fans this dedicated, we hope not!

Source and images: Tokyo Otaku Mode