Our reporter illustrates their first experience attending a fan photo event with an oshi

Taking a photo with a big celebrity crush results in high anxiety but also boosts something else unexpectedly for our writer. 

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Hong Kong students use free time at school to draw stunning anime-inspired chalkboard art

Several Ghibli films and Your Name are featured in their beautiful mural works.

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Japanese artist shows us how she creates flashy backgrounds in less than a minute【Video】

Drawing eye-catching backgrounds for your character art can be time-consuming, but not anymore with this nifty doodling trick.

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Japanese artist’s drawings are so incredibly realistic that they have people worried about him

Can you be a “mad artist” like you can be a “mad scientist?”

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Artist who knows nothing about Pokémon draws pictures of them based only on names【Pics】

If you’d never heard of a “Snorlax,” what would you think it looks like?

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Simply gorgeous: Japanese artist uses sea salt to bring these sea creatures to life

Artist Mai Hirashima uses an unusual technique to create these inspired pictures.

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Artist living in Tokyo captures the beauty of ordinary buildings in his Tokyo Storefront series

“Matto,” as he’s called in Japan, seriously impresses with his delicately colored illustrations of Tokyo shops.

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“150 Years of Japanese Uniforms” illustrated encyclopedia is now on sale

These gorgeous illustrations of workers’ uniforms over the past century and a half is sure to charm lovers of seifuku [uniforms] everywhere!

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Artists share their personal progress in images, demonstrate the benefits of a time jump

Proving once again that anyone can get better as long as they practice, practice, practice!

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McDonald’s Singapore makes clever, delicious-looking use of its Instagram account【Photos】

With so many celebrities and businesses with their own social media accounts, how can you make sure you attract users and get them to follow you? McDonald’s does it by making you see their food in a whole new way.

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Tokyo artist creates photo-realistic drawings with colored pencils

Hey that’s a nice photograph of a peaceful oasis in Tokyo. Wait, it’s not a photograph? It’s a drawing? Made with colored pencils?!

Ryota Hayashi has been bringing the Nakano Ward of Tokyo to life for the past several years through his breathtakingly realistic colored pencil renditions. He’s recently been getting a lot of attention on social media, and it’s not at all hard to see why.

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Artist turns adorable Pokémon into terrifying Attack on Titan-style monsters

It’s easy to forget when you’ve got the adorable little Pikachu as the franchise’s mascot, but the word ‘Pokémon’ is actually a blend of the English words ‘pocket’ and ‘monsters.’ Usually people aren’t thinking about that fact as they catch as many of the cute little critters as they can in each new video game installment, but one artist is out on a different quest to remind everyone that pokémon are indeed monsters at their core.

Artist Beth Emery, otherwise known as zsparky on art-sharing community site DeviantART, is gaining attention online for her creepily brilliant drawings of pokémon portrayed in the artistic style of Attack on Titan. 

Warning: You may never be able to see Jigglypuff in the same way after seeing these pictures…

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New website lets artists post drawings that self-destruct in 24 hours

There are lots of websites out there that invite artists to post their works for all to see. However, there are a great many artists out there, and over time a build-up of paintings, drawings, CGIs and photos can become too much for the average person to know where to begin, let alone anyone scouting for new talent.

On 6 January, a new website called Slash Temp (stylized “/temp”) was opened that lets illustrators freely post whatever creation they like on one condition: a ticking timer will be attached that deletes the image in 24 hours. This isn’t just some random image dump though. There is a way to preserve drawings that get a rise out of viewers for better or worse…

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