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Shiro-A have been around for over 10 years now, but it’s surprising how few people have actually heard of them. Combining technology, music, dance and comedy to create visually spectacular shows, they continue to wow audiences all over the world, and the snippets we have for you today are bound to leave you wanting more.

The group members perform in front of (or was it behind!?) a series of screens, onto which numerous graphics are projected while live DJs create an accompanying soundtrack. The performances always begin relatively simply, but soon explode into what we can only describe as perfectly choreographed visual chaos, with pumping beats accompanying splashes of colour as group members appear to be physically manipulating the digitally mapped images in real-time.

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▼ Shiro-A: What happens when Kraftwerk meets The Blue Man Group

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We could spend all day trying to describe how these performances work, but quite frankly the technical wizardry that goes into them is too much for our tiny brains to comprehend, and mere words simply cannot do them justice. Instead, here are three videos featuring a handful of performances by the troupe.

The first sketch, titled “Ball”, is perhaps the most visually simple of the three, but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face and impress as the performance gradually unfolds. “Plasma Man” and “Human Layer”, meanwhile, are like watching an old David Bowie video performed live on stage, albeit with a heavy dose of techno.


    • Ball

    • Plasma Man~Kage-Row

    • Human Layer~Peacock

Source: YouTube 白山栄太郎 via Kotaro269
Group photo via TEDxTokyo