The Japan Mother’s Society, as the name implies, is a non-government organization committed to providing information and support to assist Japanese women with the difficulties of raising children in our modern age. Along with consultation and events designed to raise awareness about parenting issues, the organization has also been involved in volunteer activities helping to bring a little joy and levity to the children of families who have lost their homes due to earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Surprisingly, Shinji Morimatsu, the head of the Japan Mother’s Association, is not a mother, nor even a woman. Adding to the incongruity is the fact that the 49-year-old Morimatsu now stands accused of being a wife beater.

Despite its ordinarily low-key activities, the Japan Mother’s Association annually attracts media attention when it hands out its Best Mother Award. Nominees are chosen from celebrities and other women in the public eye, and the winner is chosen through votes collected through the organization’s website and other means. The first award was given in 2008, and previous recipients have included actress Makiko Esumi and media personality Nozomi Tsuji.

But despite his organization’s efforts to celebrate motherhood, police in Ehime Prefecture claim Morimatsu is not without some strong misogynistic urges. On January 20, the head of the Japan Mother’s Society was arrested by police from Matsuyama City’s Eastern precinct on suspicion of spousal abuse.

The arrest stems from events which occurred in the married couple’s condominium at approximately 1:45 a.m. on May 26 of last year. During the incident, Matsuyama’s 51-year-old wife was allegedly struck multiple times, suffering broken ribs along with contusions on her face and arms.

As is often the case with domestic violence, it seems alcohol or other substance abuse was an issue. According to detectives assigned to the case, upon being taken into custody Morimatsu gave his statement as, “We argued, but I don’t remember whether I acted violently or not.”

The Japan Mother’s Society has yet to officially comment on the ironic yet tragic matter.

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