children of the corn

Moms are awesome, there’s no denying it. Not only did they bring us into this world, for most of us, they made sure we were clothed and fed, bought us all sorts of unnecessary junk that we wanted just to make us happy, put up with all of our whining, cleaned up after us when we got sick, and lost countless amounts of money, hair, sleep, and probably even their sanity to make sure we led a happy life. That’s why there’s Mother’s Day (May 10 in Japan and the US), to celebrate all the great mums out there – be they birth mothers, adoptive mothers, or any other mother-figure in your life.

Hoping to find something a little different this year than the usual bouquet of flowers or fancy chocolates? We’ve found just the thing- a “toumorokoshi (corn)” gift set inspired by the Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro. It’s too cute to pass up!

If you’ve seen the movie My Neighbor Totoro, you’ll remember the part where Satsuki and Mei ride off on the cat-bus to the hospital where their mother is recovering at, and secretly leave an ear of corn that they helped pick on the windowsill of her room, with a little message “Okaasan e (To mother)” etched into the husk. (And no, before anyone says it, the girls weren’t actually dead at this point in the movie!)

???????????????????????????????Image: Neko★です

Those of you who were touched by that scene will then appreciate this adorable Totoro-themed Mother’s Day gift set inspired by the movie. The set includes a corn-shaped gift case; a white handkerchief, dyed with a Totoro pattern in either green, orange, or yellow; a cute little Totoro tin; and a Totoro-shaped brooch.

touromokoshiImage: Studio Ghibli Fansite

The gift set is on sale at Ghibli merchandise stores Donguri Kyouwakoku across Japan, and also through the online store here (sorry, Japanese language only), for 2,160 yen (about US$18). What a cool way to say, “Thanks, Mom!”

Source: Studio Ghibli Fansite
Featured image: Studio Ghibli Fansite, Neko★です, modified by RocketNews24