Conveyor-belt sushi is equally popular among tourists and residents of Japan alike. I mean, little plates of food that trundle by, with everything up for grabs? It’s brilliant! And cheap. Chains like Sushiro, Kurasushi, Kappasushi and Hamasushi offer a large selection of items starting at just 100 yen (about US$1)!

But what if you aren’t so big on the whole raw fish thing? Are you forced to forgo the cheap and childlike pleasure of stalking your next course as it makes its way around the counter? Of course not! After extensive research, we’ve got the very best of conveyor-belt non-sushi all picked out for you.


Hamasushi’s Roast Beef Sushi
Let us introduce you to this rare and unique sushi. The roast beef is supplied under contract with beef bowl chain Sukiya, and, as you might expect, it is especially tasty stuff. And yet, on weekdays, two pieces of roast beef sushi will only set you back a measly 90 yen! You can choose either garlic or balsamic vinegar sauce to top it off, but in our humble opinion, the garlic sauce is a much better match for the vinegared rice.


Sushiro’s French Fries
Extremely popular among young men, these little taters go by the nickname of potaro, a portmanteau of potato and Sushiro. They are so tasty, you will sometimes see die-hard fans with three or four plates to themselves. But lest you think that bounty means you can snag one for yourself, you should know that people have taken to Twitter to give this candid advice: “Don’t lay a finger on my potaro.”


Kurasushi’s Tiramisu
Dessert after sushi? Why not! Kurasushi’s tiramisu has just the right balance of rich, cheesy cream and flavorful cocoa powder. This item is actually 210 yen ($2.05), but that is still a steal for such a tasty treat. And if you pair it with Kurasushi’s rather excellent 150 yen ($1.46) coffee, you’ve got a very reasonable set for your tea time snack. If you prefer tea, even better! You can drink all you like of Kurasushi’s free green tea. Either way, the tiramisu is said to be very popular with the female crowd.


Kappasushi’s Pudding
One more dessert for the list! Pudding, in Japan, actually refers to a firm caramel custard like flan, and Kappasushi makes a mean one. The chain used to offer sliced melon as a dessert, but lately this home-made pudding has been taking over. For those who might find it too sweet, we recommend sprinkling a little of the available matcha powder over it for some extra bite. No extra charge, of course!

And there you have it, proof that there’s something for everyone at conveyor-belt sushi. Got a favorite that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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