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The rare blanket of snow Tokyo received last week gave Japan’s capital city residents a chance to show off their creativity. Since it was a seldom seen treat that happened to fall over the weekend, everyone and their mother seemed to be showing off their newfound snow sculpting skills. But this Snow Pikachu has got to be our favorite. Sure, the bicycle-riding snow cat was pretty awesome, but we learned something here, people. Snow Pikachu evolves into Machochu. It’s a fact.

The photos above were uploaded by Twitter user, Hadoken, and were retweeted thousands of times. The photo of little white Pikachu came first:

▼ A resounding “Awww!” was heard from Japanese netizens huddled under kotatsus.Snow Pikachu2

A minute later, while everyone was still freaking out over Snow Pikachu’s cuteness, Hadoken treated us to this photo:

▼ That’s…cute, I guess.snow pikachu

And a full 20 minutes later, in came this gem:


After seeing Machochu in full form, we can’t help but imagine that Machochu could and would punch Raichu square in the face to claim his spot at the top of the Pikachu evolutionary chain. Maybe Hadoken can sculpt that out of snow for us…

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Twitter (HK2899)