Master anime snowman builder in Japan makes snow Catbus and Pokémon team【Photos】

My Neighbor Totoro’s iconic transportation has never looked cooler.

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Beautifully crafted bag shows off intricate artistry and is perfect for keeping your snowman cool

Practical? Maybe not. Gorgeous craftsmanship? Absolutely.

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Members of pop group Snow Man embarrassed for misinterpreting the word “snowman”

Do you wanna stump a Snow Man?♫♪

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Real-life Olaf takes Twitter by (snow)storm

Whether you sing Let it Go as a daily ritual, or just the thought of hearing that song one more time gives you brainfreeze, you can’t deny the pervasive popularity of Disney’s 2013 hit movie Frozen. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Japan, where Frozen can be found on everything from water bottles and chips to reasons for divorce.

For some people though, that’s not enough: they need to recreate Frozen with their own hands.

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A selection of the finest (amateur) snow sculptures from Japan and China【Photos】

Remember the fun you used to have making snowmen when you were just a little sprout of a kid? Sure, your fingers would get numbed to the bone and your knees would get soaked from kneeling in the snow as you sculpted away for hours. But those little niggles were forgotten once you looked upon your finished masterpiece, before running inside to beg for some spare clothes and a carrot nose to decorate your newest frosty friend. Then he melted and you felt a little abandoned, a little lost, as though a part of your childhood had vanished, eroded like so much evaporated snow… Just me? Anyway, making stuff out of snow is awesome, and if you don’t believe us, check out this gallery of the best cute and wacky snow sculptures from China and Japan!

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Cute snowman-pan will bring a little sweet joy to your dreary winter

France may have delicious bread, but Japan has cute bread (even if it doesn’t always turn out as planned). I mean, they are the creators of Anpan-man, after all!

Adding yet another almost-too-cute-to-eat bread treat to the already long list, a bakery called “Cafe Blue Jean” located in the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka, brings us “Snowman-pan.” These seasonal treats are breads, shaped and decorated to look like darling, little snowmen.

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These snowman milk mugs are so cute, we want them ALL!

The snow in Japan may be starting to melt (unless you live in Hokkaido), but that doesn’t mean the snowmen have to go away. Thanks to Megmilk Snow Brand Company, you’ll be greeted by a chilly friend every morning with their limited edition snow mug campaign.

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Local residents in China sell cartop snowmen to tourists

Making a snowman is one of the simple pleasures of winter (or a really great way to cope with the freezing cold). But would you ever buy a snowman that someone else has made? Several visitors to one city in China have and more are sure to follow.

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What we learned from Tokyo’s blizzard: Snow Pikachu evolves into Machochu

The rare blanket of snow Tokyo received last week gave Japan’s capital city residents a chance to show off their creativity. Since it was a seldom seen treat that happened to fall over the weekend, everyone and their mother seemed to be showing off their newfound snow sculpting skills. But this Snow Pikachu has got to be our favorite. Sure, the bicycle-riding snow cat was pretty awesome, but we learned something here, people. Snow Pikachu evolves into Machochu. It’s a fact.

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We have a winner! Bicycle-riding snow cat gets full marks for awesomeness

After bringing you photos of stunning sculptures at this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, awesome amateur creations spotted in Tokyo, and possibly this winter’s most grotesque snow monster, we thought we’d seen more than enough of the white stuff for one year and were happy to see it melt away and Tokyo get back to normal. But then this epic creation appeared online and we just had to share it with you. Say hello to the bicycle-stealing badass that is the snownyan!

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Tokyoite creates epic snow monster following record snow dump, gets phonecalls from neighbours

As you probably know, Tokyo had some of its heaviest snow in decades this past weekend, with an estimated 24 cm (9.4 inches) of powder on the ground by Saturday afternoon. While for some this spelled disaster, others were happy to get creative and build some epic snowmen, snow mannequins, and even puyo-puyo in the fluffy white stuff.

For one creative Twitter user, however, that same sculpting clay from the sky allowed him to recreate his nightmares in physical form. And it’s not pretty.

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